Mini Concert on 8th,9th,10th Jan

  Happy New Year everyone !
  At the first weekend of this year would you want to enjoy  mini concerts with us ?

   8thFri 9thSat)10th(Mon) Jan, 2016 【Performing Time19001930
   【VenueCanal Plaza  in front of the Glass Tower   Free

8thFriMaiko Takahashi 19001930

  Person in charge of piano for instrumental duo " my&Jennie "
She has her solo and is singing the song for Otaru Ungapa who is a mascot in Otaru.
Managing prescription liveat Otaru Okakawa drugstore, she also performs onm×mf Music is prescription" as a personality on every Monday 20:0021:00.

                                        9thSat) Kentaro Tadaka 19001930

 He was born in Shimamatsu Eniwa City and was called as “A monster singing for love and soul ” Kentaro Tadaka.
  At his exciting concert, he will “hit something” instead of talking accompaniment.
  He performs around all over the country vigorously to spread his name.
  You can enjoy his concert with sensuous pleasure as like you also sing here by yourself.

  The laugh and tear from his songs will give you vitality.

10th(Mon) Kentaro Nagai  19001930

  30 years old He is an officer worker and singer-songwriter.
  The group “Ky” by 2 people was formed at his 18 years old.
  They performed 6 years and have a rest now.
  He is active in various events such as artists supporting, musical composition providing, band and so on as a solo.
  Now he is playing an active part in video transmission with singer JUN named “nagJUN” in Sapporo.
  1 piece of single and 2 pieces mini-album are on sale now.

  Waiting for your coming.

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