Mini Concert on 30th, 31st , Jan

  Hello everyone!
 These are the last mini concerts for the Snow Story this year.  Please come to Canal Plaza this weekend !

29thFri 30thSat Jan, 2016 【Performing Time19001930
VenueCanal Plaza  in front of the Glass Tower   Free

29thFriKimitoshi Saijyo& Maiko Takahashi 19001930

  He was born in Otaru.
After retiring a real estate company in 2009, he started his activities as a singer and songwriter. His first single song “Song for” is distributed by i Tunes, RecoChoku Co, Ltd and so on 30 companies.
  After the LIVE for events and restaurants in Tokyo and radio personality on Kawazaki FM, he removed to Hokkaido and is coming into play locally now. The album “and more” is sold on TOWER RECORDS, Amazon and other CD stores all over the country. (Please search “Kimitoshi Saijyo”)

  Person in charge of piano for instrumental duo " my&Jennie "
She has her solo and is singing the song for Otaru Ungapa who is a mascot in Otaru.
Managing prescription liveat Otaru Okakawa drugstore, she also performs onm×mf Music is prescription" as a personality on every Monday 20:0021:00.

                        30th(Sat) ABO 19001930

  They are formed in 2006.
  Guitar: Abehitodhi
Percussion: Buki
Vocal: The fondlyremembered “ABO” formed by AYA 3 persons arranging traditional Japanese music and western music 9 years.
They play guitar, percussion instrument along to vocal with their whole heart. Please have a good time at this concert.

   Waiting for your coming !!!

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