Summer Fireworks Information in Otaru 2


Lots of fireworks will be held this summer in Otaru.

This is additional information.

The 2nd Riverside Festival in Asari 2011 &

11th Fireworks in Asari

When : Aug 3rd, 4th

Time : 8:45 pm ~

Shooting Place : Asarigawa Park

Access : Take a bus in front of Green Hotel (5 min walk from JR Otaru Station), Bus number 3, get off at "Shinko Jujigai" (新光十字街) and then 5 min walk.

Riverside Festival web site : http://asari.cc/

Takashima Noryo Fireworks

When : Sep 4th

Time : 8~9 pm

Shooting Place : Takashima Fishing Port

Access : Take a bus in front of Green Hotel (5min walk from JR Otaru Station) , Bus number 2, get off at "Takashima 3 chome" (高島3丁目).

Otaru Shukutsu Fireworks

When : Sep 4th

Time : 7 pm ~

Shooting Place : Otaru Aquarium Parking area

Access : Take a bus from Chuo-Bus Otaru terminal, Bus number 10 or 11, get off at the last bus stop "Otaru Aquarium" (おたる水族館).

If you have any questions, please visit us!!

Have Fun!!

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