Enjoy! Marine wave


I got a opportunity to take a cruiser.

Otaru has some spots to enjoy cruiser.

One of them is "Marine wave Otaru" located in Otaru Chikko area.

This area has huge shopping mall, seafood market and so on.

It'll be held fireworks display in summer at this area.

I went there with Mr. Kodama (Otaru tourism association office staff) and Mr. Eto (Tourist Information translator for Korean visitors).


Mr.Kodama took us by car

It took just 5 minutes by car from Canal plaza.

If you take a sightseeing bus from JR Otaru station, it'll take about 30 minutes, and it takes 7 minutes by JR train.

Visited "Otaru Marine Center House" first.

When you enjoy cruising, please ask the information desk here.

Mr.Kodama looks eager in taking pictures for Tourism association staff blog :)

After passing through this main building, beautiful port view spread out before us.

The high building behind boats us the Hotel Grand Park Otaru and shopping mall named "Wing Bay Otaru".

Every these boats are personal belongings.

Going through the gate...

We got some explanations about cruising boat.

Fixed number is 10 persons each boats.

Don't forget to wear life jacket :)


Captain guided us about strange shaped rocks and sea animals etc.

Two boats of us goes with kingly zest.

Found a fishing boat!

Found a sightseeing ship!

We really enjoyed many kinds of strung rocks and coastline.

Shukutsu area has Otaru aquarium, Herring mansion, Hiyoriyama light house and so on.

The hotel Neuschloss Otaru stands on the Cliff which has outstanding view from itself.

To our surprise, a huge amusement park was built here 77 years ago.

But it's burned down 59 years ago.

One of best spots "Tsurukake Rock"...

This pattern of the cliff looks giraffe, doesn't it??

Look at this picture!!

How beautiful color of the sea!!

"Mado(window) Rock"

On the return way, we past faster!!

laughing :)

What are you thinking about?? :)

This cruising service started for tourists not only Japanese visitors but also foreign tourists.

"Marine Wave Otaru" company has many kinds of boats' menus.

We enjoyed "Window Cruise" course.

Time: For 60 minutes

Schedule: 10:30, 13:00, 14:30(Jul~Aug...Everyday without Wednesday Sep~Oct...Saturday, Sunday and National holidays)

Fare: 3,800 yen (Half price for under elementary school student)

Other courses: Sunset cruise, Charter cruise, Hire yacht, Hire boat

Web link: http://www.mw-otaru.jp/

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  1. Wow, next time I come to Otaru, I'd like to do a boat trip like this. And the new Marine Wave Centre looks great too!