Otaru's Summer Festival "Ushio Matsuri"


Otaru may be famous for the winter festivals “Snow Story” and 
“Snow Light Path” that transform the city into a winter wonderland 
but there’s a large festival in the summer called 
USHIO MATSURI that we are equally well known for.

Otaru Ushio Matsuri, or Tide Festival, is an enormous event 
held every year on the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of July. 
As Otaru is a port city, the festival is held to show gratitude 
for the sea and hope for the development and prosperity of the city. 

Some of the highlights of the festival include:

花火  花火  花火  花火  花火  花火    Friday    花火  花火  花火  花火  花火  花火

July 28, 2017

祭り  Ushio Furekomi  祭り

Dancing parade to announce the beginning of the festival.

祭り  Opening Ceremony  祭り

An offering of sacred water and taiko drumming performance.

祭り  Great Fireworks Display  祭り

Magnificent fireworks will light up the sky!

花火  花火  花火  花火  花火  花火    Saturday    花火  花火  花火  花火  花火  花火

July 29, 2017

祭り  Ushio Nerikomi  祭り

Dancing parade where companies, students and 
neighborhood associations or groups, each in matching yukata uniforms 
dance to the traditional Ushio-Ondo dance song.

If you were looking for an opportunity to participate in an event, here’s your chance! The dance is easy to learn and there is a group designated for people/visitors who wish to join and participate in the dancing parade.

花火  花火  花火  花火  花火  花火    Sunday    花火  花火  花火   花火  花火  花火

July 30, 2017

祭り  Ushio Watari (Crossing)  祭り

Maritime parade of a fishing fleet 
from the Takashima and Shukutsu area.

祭り  Mikoshi Parade  祭り

People from various neighborhoods 
gather to carry “mikoshi” or portable shrines.

祭り  Great Fireworks Display  祭り

Grand finale of the 3-day event include spectacular fireworks!

There are lots of other events held at the Pier No.3 main stage 
as well as various booths so if you’ll be in town during these days, 
be sure to stop by and experience firsthand 
Otaru’s magnificent summer omatsuri!!

We look forward to seeing you!!

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