Behind the Scenes ~Ukidama Glass Float Tree~

🎬🎬  Here is a behind the scenes look at how the 
Ukidama (Glass Float) Tree was completed.  ðŸŽ¬ðŸŽ¬

⛄ It was a cold snowy day when the large tree frame 
arrived on a flatbed truck. 

🌲 With the help of a crane, staff members positioned
 the tree in place. 


🔵 Once set, Ukidama glass floats were brought out and carefully hand-placed onto the tree.

🌟 One of the staff whose light on his feet easily climbed up to place the large snowflake tree topper.

🎄 Some final adjustments...

📦 clean up the glass float boxes...

turn on the lights...and

花火  èŠ±ç«  èŠ±ç«  èŠ±ç«  Ta-da!  èŠ±ç«  èŠ±ç«  èŠ±ç«  èŠ±ç« 

As the sun went down, the lights grew brighter and...

ききらきらききらきら Voilà ãã‚‰ãã‚‰ããã‚‰ãã‚‰ã

The tree will be lit up every day from 4 pm to midnight until January 31, 2017. It's even more beautiful in person so please stop by!

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