Cruise Ship in Otaru Katsunai Pier

Hello everyone !

How about your summer vacation ? I have met a lot of friends from cruise ships. 

  This is a cruise ship called Costa Victoria from ShangHai,China via Kanagawa ,Japan had arrived in Katsunai Pier in Otaru on 10th July. 1000 people came from China,Philippines and so on.
  We were seeing customers off about 20 minutes by Japanese big drum roll until the cruise ship went far from us.

  Please come to Otaru again !!! Waiting for you !!!♥♥ Best Wishes, my dear

 The second one is named Diamond Princess from Korsakov, Russia had arrived on 13th July. European tourists from this ship ate a lot of delicious Japanese food at restaurant in Otaru. They told me that this is the third time to Japan but the first time by ship. 

  My dear friends, if you also have chance to board the ship, please come to Canal Plaza. I will give you some tourist information. Waiting for you.

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