Ski Area

Hello everyone! Merry Christmas

 It is very cold of winter in Otaru. What have you seen in Otaru?
Oh~! I heard your voice. SNOW, HEAVY SNOW ∵∵∵

Thanks to the heavy snow,ski is an especial sport which you can enjoy in your holiday in Hokkaido.

Then, I will introduce some ski resorts in Otaru for you.

1. Mt.Tengu Ski Area

Skiing around mountain and looking around sea will give you an unforgettable ski experience.

2.Asarigawa Onsen Ski Area

 Onsen means hot spring in Japanese. Asarigawa is also famous of hot spring, so would you like the hot spring done after skiing? 

  Perfectly !!!!!

3.Snow Cruise Onze

   I also want to recommend the ski cruise which is possible for us to go around the mountain. 

Look at the picture! Would you like to ski with us to enjoy beautiful snow?

4.Kiroro Resort 

This resort is a little far from the capital of Otaru in Yoichi-gun, but you also can look around the mountain to enjoy the Mountainous Snow World.

 Is there also so much snow in your country in winter? As you know, Hokkaido is very famous of snow, so why do not you challenge yourself to ski since it was a rare opportunity?

Let us go together !!!!!

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