Harbor City Otaru

Otaru is a small harbor city. Canal is beautifully preserved and make Otaru a pleasant day trip. The canal is lined with stone warehouses built in the Meiji and Taisho periods (1868-1926).From dusk light from the gas streetlamps reflects gently on the surface of the canal.


Glass art and craftsKitaichi Glass

 Handmade glassware in Otaru are designed with ideas from the culture, history, nature, buildings of Otaru. It also has a studio which visit free to inform the processes of glass.

Music Box Museum

 Otaru Music Box Museum has a history of over a century. At that time the music box was referred to as "Orugeru" from the Dutch meaning Organ. The main building of the Music Box is also be popular of Steam Clock.

Otaru Beer

  Otaru Beer was begun in 1995.At that time Beer Culture was developed by the idea of bringing German Beer Culture to Japan. Otaru Beer opened on July 15th ,1995. It is very popular for foreigners now.

  We are waiting for you. Please enjoy your trip in Otaru !

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