new event in March "Hinameguri"


   Hina Festival , the Japanese Girl's Day is a festival  at Mar.3rd when families display "Hina Dolls"  on seven steps, hinadan and pray for young girls' growth and happiness.Also place  rice cake called "Hishimochi" ,sweet white sake and peach blossoms.

  It's said that the custom began during the Heian period ,when hina dolls were set afloat on a river to the sea, supposedly taking the troubles or bad spirits away from the girls .

  We hold the "Hinameguri" from Feb.22(Sat) to Mar.9(Sun),which means there are lots of hina dolls around you. There are 45 places where hina dolls are placed around Otaru.At these places,you can find the stamps of "Hinameguri".You could apply for the prize by the number of stamps you got.
Also there are many Japanese instrument shows and experience lessons during this event.

  There are very beautiful hina dolls placed in our Canal Plaza.

 These are my "Hina Origami",which means the folding paper of Hina.
  Come to experience the Japanese style! ...^.~...


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