Basic Tourist Information 4 ~ Big three of Otaru ~

Talking of the big three of Otaru tourism is, "Sushi", "Orgel"(Music box) and "Glass products".


Nowadays, there are more than 100 sushi restaurants in Otaru. Otaru faces the sea of Japan, so we can enjoy fresh seafood easily, and Otaru's amazing sushi is made from a wealth of seafood by sushi chefs.
←↓These images are "Shikama"(しかま) sushi restaurant's.

Otaru has unique named street, "Sushiya-dori street". It's located just in 10 minutes walk from JR Otaru station. 25 years ago, only five sushi restaurants(Masa-zushi 政寿司, Machino まちの, Nihonbashi 日本橋, Yamatoya 大和家 and Shikama しかま) were on this street but now, about 20 sushi restaurants are in business on this street.
Also you can get sushi making lesson. Professional sushi chefs teach you how to make sushi.
Orgel(Music box)
Originally, music box has been created in Switzerland since over 200 years ago. The reason for that music box rooted in Otaru, is it suits with Otaru's retro atmosphere.
Of course you can try making music box as well. These products in this image are Music box museum's → 
You can find glass shops everywhere in Otaru, I'm often asked like "Why glass products are so famous in Otaru?" by visitors. Because... Otaru prospered by herring fishery. At that time, glass floating buoys were used for fishing net. That's why, glass industry has been developed together. Still now various glass products can be purchased in Otaru city. In addition, many glass studios prepare lots of menus for glass making experience. Accessory, mug, vase and so on. Would you like to try them?
These shops and restaurants are located in walkable distance from JR Otaru station. If you visit our tourist information centers, we can recommend you various menus of making music box and glass. Please feel free to ask us :)

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