Easy way to know old Otaru

Do you know an easy way to know old Otaru?

You can find the answer at Canal Plaza.

After the Xmas event, Canal Plaza got a beautiful booth.

This is the answer, look at this picture...

Got it?

This is a corner of Canal Plaza, 15 pictures are displayed on its wall.

These pictures were presented by a photographer, Mr. Okada.

He has been taking Otaru's pictures from every angle since a few decades ago.

His photo exhibition was held at Canal Plaza before, and it was quite popular among many visitors.

Lots of local people yearned after their old days with these pictures.

I think that old pictures are interesting for us who don't know the old Otaru as well.

We can find a lot of things such as old fashion, buildings, streets, old letter's signboard...etc.

If you are interested in old pictures, how about get them?

You can purchase them at Canal Plaza too.

There is a cafe named "1 banko cafe" which sells original pictures for 1,500yen each

It's must be fun to just choose your favorite one from all kinds of pictures.

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